Ask Jesse Episode 17: Focus on Foreign Policy

Social media has been even more brutal than usual lately. There is a lot of division among people who are still loosely united by former affiliations or things outside of politics. I read a complaint by a friend of a friend about her neighbor the other day…

Ask Jesse Episode 16: Skepticism & Fatigue

I want to say first and foremost that in no way was this episode meant to be a condemnation or discouragement of the extraordinary and admirable efforts of the Movement for a People’s Party or anyone involved in it. I want nothing more than for them to succeed…

Ask Jesse Episode 15: Playing The Long Game

“Death, Taxes, Cal Ripken, Jr.” These words along with a larger than life image of Baseball’s “Iron Man” were prominently displayed for many years in downtown Baltimore.

Ask Jesse Episode 14: Public Services Vs Public Perception

My frustration with the recent public discourse surrounding events relating to the United States Postal Service is indicative of my frustration with that of our politics in general these days.

Ask Jesse Episode 13: Biden-Harris Awareness

In the lead up to the 2016 election, some on the left (most publicly Susan Sarandon) argued that Donald Trump was a preferential choice to Hillary Clinton because his chaotic nature would wake Americans up to the structural rot permeating our sociopolitical body.

Ask Jesse Episode 12: Criticizing Republicans

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes by Jesse Crall Occasionally, people take issue with my tendency to focus critiques on Democrats. But Donald Trump draws easy and constant ire from my left-leaning circles. As economic commentator Dylan Ratigan says “The Village Idiot is acting like a Village Idiot again.” It serves neitherContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 12: Criticizing Republicans”

Ask Jesse Episode 11: Keeping It Real On Climate

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes by Jesse Crall Throughout this episode, I stress how many of our problems are downstream from the economy. Because the United States remains the sole empire in the world, our economic structure boasts global consequences. Since post-WWII America’s international role facilitates the mass movementContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 11: Keeping It Real On Climate”

Ask Jesse Episode 10: Michael Brooks & Empathy

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes by Jesse Crall Last week, political commentator Michael Brooks died from a sudden illness. I shared the following in other spaces and thought I’d reprint it here: Through his work on his eponymous YouTube show and The Majority Report, Michael produced a remarkable arrayContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 10: Michael Brooks & Empathy”

Ask Jesse Episode 9: Progressive Possibilities

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes By Victoria Lynn Hall This is what my life was like when I thought being engaged in politics meant watching the news and voting: And this is what my life has been like since getting more involved in politics during this primary season: It’sContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 9: Progressive Possibilities”