Lorie and Payton: Family First

By Lorie Michaels “When you are judging a brother, you are wrong, even if you are right.” Marianne Williamson The conversation I’m sharing below is with my niece, Payton.  We live in very different areas of the US.  She’s in Oklahoma, I’m in California.  Payton has three lovely girls and supports Trump.  I was nationalContinue reading “Lorie and Payton: Family First”

Donald Trump isn’t a Fascist. He’s Just a Republican

By Jesse Crall In his support for presumptive nominee Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders often offers the following refrain: “We must come together to defeat the most dangerous president in modern history.” (1) We’ve heard similar expressions of alarm from other influential sources. Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley’s made the podcast & editorial rounds comparing Trump’sContinue reading “Donald Trump isn’t a Fascist. He’s Just a Republican”