Ask Jesse Episode 15: Playing The Long Game

“Death, Taxes, Cal Ripken, Jr.” These words along with a larger than life image of Baseball’s “Iron Man” were prominently displayed for many years in downtown Baltimore.

Fascism in America?

As protests continue in Portland, Oregon, footage of government officials in unmarked vans snatching protestors off the streets has hit the Internet. According to Politico, the Trump Administration “enlisted federal agents, including the U.S. Marshals Special Operations Group and an elite U.S. Customs and Border Protection team based on the U.S.-Mexico border, to protect federalContinue reading “Fascism in America?”

Ask Jesse Episode 5: Facebook

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes By Victoria Lynn Hall A pet peeve of mine is when people consistently criticize social media on social media. Their criticisms may be entirely valid but the very fact that they are using a social media platform to spread their message is ironic toContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 5: Facebook”


By Jesse Crall While walking to my supermarket last week, I took notice of something new: Two stores hung signs letting passersby know that they were “minority owned” and supported Black Lives Matter. Other stores lining the block, presumably white owned or inclined to not take any chances, boarded themselves up to avoid possible damageContinue reading “Certainty”

Ask Jesse Episode 4: Imperialism & Neoliberalism

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes By Victoria Lynn Hall One of many reasons I enjoy following Jesse on Twitter is that he more often than not offers a unique but essential perspective on current events. I know he doesn’t do this out of some conscious effort to be iconoclasticContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 4: Imperialism & Neoliberalism”