Ask Jesse Episode 18: Fascism Vs Realism

If you want to say that Trump’s corporatism is worse than Biden’s, I have no argument with that. But telling me that Trump’s corporatism is fascism is no more serious than saying Biden’s corporatism is communism…

Ask Jesse Episode 17: Focus on Foreign Policy

Social media has been even more brutal than usual lately. There is a lot of division among people who are still loosely united by former affiliations or things outside of politics. I read a complaint by a friend of a friend about her neighbor the other day…

Awareness & Syria

By Jesse Crall In recent days, I’ve been trying to raise awareness around the Caesar Act sanctions currently imposed by the U.S. government against Syria. These sanctions, already harmful to a population ensconced in poverty, take on an even more deleterious effect in light of the explosion in Beirut earlier this week. Since Lebanon wasContinue reading “Awareness & Syria”

Ask Jesse Episode 10: Michael Brooks & Empathy

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes by Jesse Crall Last week, political commentator Michael Brooks died from a sudden illness. I shared the following in other spaces and thought I’d reprint it here: Through his work on his eponymous YouTube show and The Majority Report, Michael produced a remarkable arrayContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 10: Michael Brooks & Empathy”