“To listen well is to figure out what’s on someone’s mind and demonstrate that you care enough to want to know.”

― Kate Murphy

We are grateful to all the contributors and participants who have shared their thoughts, experiences and knowledge with us. If you would like to be interviewed or are interested in conducting interviews for us, please contact us.

Featured Interview

At The Crossroads with Mary Hollywood: Catching up with Amplifire Project & The Wonderland Campaign

Mary Hollywood is back At The Crossroads to meet up with Amplifire Project Creative Coordinator, Victoria Lynn Hall to talk about how the project has evolved and contributing writer Kerri Romeo about her Wonderland Campaign series. Find previous At The Crossroads interviews and talks on Mary’s patreon page:

More Interviews

Talking About Our Emotions with Dr. Cindy Nye

Victoria talks with psychologist Cindy Nye, PhD about our mental health and how we express our emotions. Click here for notes & resources.

An Interview with Misty Winston on Assange Activism

Victoria interviews activist Misty Winston about her efforts on behalf of Julian Assange and press freedoms. Click here for notes & resources.

Anxiety Antidotes with Chris Cravens

Holistic Health Practitioner, Chris Cravens shares her expertise and anxiety antidotes with Lorie. Click here for notes & resources.

Education Challenges In 2020

Lorie joins working moms Kim, Mary and Lori for a conversation about the challenge of meeting the needs of children during the pandemic. Click here for notes & resources.

Relaxation Exercise with Lauren Matsch

Yoga Teacher, Lauren Matsch shares a meditative relaxation exercise to ease stress and tension with Lorie.

Open Heart Meditation with Dr. Cindy Nye

Lorie Michaels hosts Dr. Cindy Nye who generously offered to share her beautiful open heart meditation with us.

At The Crossroads – Amplifire Project

Mary interviewed our Animating Director, Michael Harrington & his daughter Larkin about Amplifire Project back in June 2020.

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