Ask Jesse Episode 3: Russia and China

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes By Victoria Lynn Hall As I say at the top of this episode, I struggled deciding what to bring up to talk about. Roughly thirty minutes once a week is not enough to cover all the questions I have about the bleak state ofContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 3: Russia and China”

Talking To Our Children Without Saying A Word

By Melissa Mayer Two months into the pandemic, my six and eight year old daughtersstill have not worn masks.  Although I am willing to comply with theNew York State Law requiring face coverings, the kids have not been inany public places so wearing masks have not been necessary.  Theywould see masks around the house andContinue reading “Talking To Our Children Without Saying A Word”

Ask Jesse Episode 2: Progressives Vs. Establishment

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube By Victoria Lynn Hall & Jesse Crall You may have noticed in our first episode of “Ask Jesse’ that neither one of us was very happy with Nancy Pelosi’s HEROES Act bill. As it turns out, we were not alone in this. As we discuss inContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 2: Progressives Vs. Establishment”

Ask Jesse: Introduction & Episode 1

Click Here to view the episode on the Amplifire Project YouTube channel By Victoria Lynn Hall Introduction One of the many significant things that being a grassroots volunteer for Marianne Williamson’s campaign for president taught me was that much of the news resources that I relied on were untrustworthy and some of them were downrightContinue reading “Ask Jesse: Introduction & Episode 1”

Opting Out of Remote Learning and Into Freedom

By Melissa Mayer On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day I awoke with excitement. The abundance of downtime resulting from the pandemic felt like the perfect opportunity to honor the earth. The reports of cleaner air that I had been reading about as a result of the world being shut down especially inspired me toContinue reading “Opting Out of Remote Learning and Into Freedom”