Ask Jesse Episode 3: Russia and China

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube Show Notes By Victoria Lynn Hall As I say at the top of this episode, I struggled deciding what to bring up to talk about. Roughly thirty minutes once a week is not enough to cover all the questions I have about the bleak state ofContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 3: Russia and China”

Ask Jesse Episode 2: Progressives Vs. Establishment

Click here to listen to full episode on YouTube By Victoria Lynn Hall & Jesse Crall You may have noticed in our first episode of “Ask Jesse’ that neither one of us was very happy with Nancy Pelosi’s HEROES Act bill. As it turns out, we were not alone in this. As we discuss inContinue reading “Ask Jesse Episode 2: Progressives Vs. Establishment”

The World As It Is

By Jesse Crall My focus in politics lies in concentrated power and how it corrupts every system in our society. Our crises in healthcare, climate, economic justice, foreign policy…all emerge through the concentrated power of a small number of people and corporate interests granted the ability to control enormous aspects of life both domestic andContinue reading “The World As It Is”