Ask Jesse Episode 15: Playing The Long Game

“Death, Taxes, Cal Ripken, Jr.” These words along with a larger than life image of Baseball’s “Iron Man” were prominently displayed for many years in downtown Baltimore.

Solidarity In Seattle

An Account of the Protest for Defunding SPD in Solidarity Against Racist State Oppression (7/25/2020) By Brendan M. I arrived at Seattle Central College with a friend at around 1:30. There looked to be a few thousand people slowly gathering across the college lawn. There were speakers, mostly younger BIPOC, who organized this protest inContinue reading “Solidarity In Seattle”

Lorie and Payton: Family First

By Lorie Michaels “When you are judging a brother, you are wrong, even if you are right.” Marianne Williamson The conversation I’m sharing below is with my niece, Payton.  We live in very different areas of the US.  She’s in Oklahoma, I’m in California.  Payton has three lovely girls and supports Trump.  I was nationalContinue reading “Lorie and Payton: Family First”

The Three Promises of Free-Market Capitalism

By Abraham Entin When the Second World War ended, the Free Market Capitalism of the West and the State-driven authoritarianism of Soviet Russia (alongside of Chinese Communism) emerged as opponents for a new world order. During that period, lasting from the late 1940’s through the 1960’s, the leaders of the “Free World” made promises toContinue reading “The Three Promises of Free-Market Capitalism”

“Black Power” to Black Lives Matter: Stokely Carmichael (aka: Kwame Ture) Speaks for Today

cover photo: April 19, 1967: Stokely at Garfield High School Seattle, WA Observer – Michael Harrington Are we witnessing a revolution? I am seeking echoes from the Civil Rights era to answer that question. Kwame Ture said before he died, “The job of a revolutionary is, of course, to overthrow unjust systems and replace themContinue reading ““Black Power” to Black Lives Matter: Stokely Carmichael (aka: Kwame Ture) Speaks for Today”