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Episode 23

Is capitalism at the root of all of our problems? Victoria asks Jesse this and other questions concerning capitalism and it’s effect on our political system, our environment, our culture and more. Click here for show notes.

Episode 22

Are we really pursuing happiness? Or do we pursue wealth and success at the expense of happiness for ourselves and others? Jesse and Victoria discuss this and other topics during this episode. Click here for show notes.

Episode 21

Jesse and Victoria take a break from current events and discuss an interview conducted in 1970 with cultural icon Jim Morrison of The Doors and its relevance to today’s issues as well as that time in history from a political perspective. Click here for show notes.

Episode 20

Jesse and Victoria discuss the presidential debate between Biden and Trump and how it and the media have influenced our behavior ways that seem to reflect the very things we say we are against. Click here for show notes.

Episode 19

Victoria asks Jesse how he maintains his unique focus and perspective in the face of the news cycle that dominates the political landscape. They also discuss how to decipher news sources objectively and the dangers of reacting to media narratives. Click here for show notes.

Episode 18

Victoria asks Jesse why he thinks everyone seems to be talking about Fascism lately and they discuss how politicians and the media and even well meaning citizens distract from the truth by using “isms” to shape a divisive narrative. Click here for show notes.

Episode 17

Victoria asks Jesse about his experience of the 9/11 attacks and how his views of war, peace and foreign policy have evolved. They also discuss how important it is for citizens to understand U.S. foreign policy today and whose interests it is serving. Click here for show notes.

Episode 16

Victoria asks Jesse for some perspective about how to best use her energy politically at this time which leads to a discussion of 3rd party movements, electoral issues, charitable efforts and more. Click here for show notes.

Episode 15

Victoria asks Jesse his thoughts on how sports impact and relate to politics and it leads to a larger discussion about race, class, economy and playing the long game of political activism in this country. Click here for notes and further information.

Episode 14

Victoria asks Jesse to explain how the attempts to dismantle the USPS is nothing new and it leads to a larger discussion of how current public perceptions and attitudes prevent us from acquiring the public services and other solutions to address the material needs of the poor and working class in this country. Click here for show notes.

Episode 13

Victoria ask Jesse for his views on the Joe Biden – Kamala Harris ticket and they discuss why it is important that we maintain awareness of the influence of concentrated power on our government no matter who is president. More thoughts from both Jesse and Victoria here:

Episode 12

Victoria Asks Jesse to share his criticisms of Republican leadership for a change, which he does while also pointing out that it is ultimately not any one party or individuals that he is criticizing but a system which gives too much power to too few. More thoughts from Jesse and Victoria here:

Ep. 11 Bonus Cut

In this bonus cut from Episode 11, Jesse goes into further detail about the need to put class at the forefront of political projects.

Episode 11

Victoria asks Jesse why he seems to be so cynical about our climate crisis and Jesse explains how our awareness and views on economics, foreign policy and other issues need to evolve before we can tap into our potential to create significant change. Read further thoughts in our show notes by clicking here.

Episode 10

Jesse talks about the tragic loss of political commentator Michael Brooks (The Michael Brooks Show/The Humanist Report) and the impact he had on Jesse and many others. Jesse and Victoria discuss how to carry his message of global interconnectedness and empathy forward. Click here for additional thoughts and information.

Episode 9

Victoria asks Jesse about some victories and upcoming challenges for progressive down ballot candidates in both primary and general elections. They also discuss future possibilities for the progressive movement and policies in general. See the show notes for this episode here.

Episode 8

Victoria asks Jesse about Russia and The War in Afghanistan, The media, Intelligence Agency leaks and our enormous military budget – and expresses her hope that they can talk about issues that are closer to home in the future. Read more thoughts about these issues from Jesse and Victoria here.

Episode 7

Victoria and Jesse discuss a number of issues relating to looking beyond partisanship and other polarities to engage in nuanced conversations about peace and other political issues. Click here to read further thoughts from Victoria and Jesse.

Episode 6

Victoria asks Jesse what he thinks “Defund The Police” means and they also discuss defunding the Pentagon and issues of foreign policy. Click here to read further thoughts from Victoria and Jesse.

Episode 5

Victoria asks Jesse why Joe Biden is so concerned about Facebook and this leads to a greater discussion on political awareness and activism. Click here for further information and perspectives in our show notes.

Episode 4

Victoria asks Jesse to explain the terms “imperialism” and “neoliberalism” and they discuss how they relate to current events. Click here for show notes by Victoria and Jesse.

Episode 3

Jesse explains how and why false narratives concerning our relations with other countries such as Russia and China are perpetuated and how to look deeper at these issues. He also answers a question about voting by mail submitted by one of our listeners. Click here to read show notes by Victoria and Jesse and find additional resources.

Episode 2

In this episode we follow up on our discussion of Nancy Pelosi and the HEROES Act and talk about the significance of former presidential Candidate, Marianne Williamson endorsing Pelosi’s challenger, Shahid Buttar as well as other exciting progressive candidates. Jesse also explains why Elizabeth Warren’s endorsements are a disappointment and who he would like to challenge in his Congressional run in 2022. Click here for show notes and more information.

Episode 1

Victoria Lynn Hall asks Jesse Crall about Nancy Pelosi’s “HEROES” Act, The struggling progressive movement, his plans to run for Congress in 2022 and more in this first episode of “Ask Jesse”. Follow Jesse at @JesseCrall and Victoria @Victoreeah on Twitter. Click here for a full introduction and more information.

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Jesse Crall

A Los Angeles native, Jesse Crall graduated from UCLA’s English Department before working as a copywriter, script reader and project manager for an engineering firm. Now pursuing a master’s degree in writing at NYU, he splits his time between Studio City and Manhattan.

A self taught artist and creative entrepreneur, Victoria Lynn Hall lives in the Kansas City area with 4 spoiled cats. She believes in art and the magic of kindness.

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