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Updated 07/12/2021

If you are interested in becoming a more active citizen when it comes to making your voice heard by the lawmakers who presumably work for us and our communities, you may find this: Citizen Primer from The Peace Alliance a helpful introduction. As it states: “If a corporate lobbyist is speaking to your representative practically every day, it is hardly enough for you to speak to them through the voting booth only every two or four years.”

Take Action to Protect Sacred Land and Wildlife in Nevada

Protect Thacker Pass is an independent, grassroots collective of people resisting the Thacker Pass lithium mine. They work in solidarity with Atsa koodakuh wyh Nuwu, the People of Red Mountain. Thacker Pass, or Peehee mm’huh, is sacred land to the Northern Paiute and Western Shoshone, and critical wildlife habitat.

Visit their website to learn more and see how you can support their efforts.

Take Action for Wildlife

When wildlife is in danger, they can’t speak up for themselves—Defenders of Wildlife speaks for them. They deploy a wide range of tools and tactics, from policy analyses and advocacy, to litigation, innovative science and technology programs and field conservation. Visit their Take Action page to find ways to add your voice for the protection of endangered and threatened species.

Take Action for Palestine

Visit the Jewish Voice for Peace website to find actions you can take for Palestine right now.

Sign the CODEPINK petition to call on President Biden and Secertary Blinken to stop funding Israeli apartheid and violence!

Learn more and educate others by watching and sharing the documentary, Gaza Fights For Freedom

Donate, amplify and support these charities and organizations who are on the ground helping those most in need:

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund:

PCRF has been providing humanitarian assistance to injured and sick children in Gaza for 30 years. Their efforts include sending children abroad to receive appropriate medical care, providing food and medicine, sponsoring orphans and disabled youth, and building the only pediatric cancer center in Gaza.


A non-profit organization, Anera works on the ground with partners in Palestine (specifically West Bank and Gaza), Lebanon, and Jordan, offering resources for both emergency relief and long-term needs in the areas of health, education, and economic development.

United Nations Relief and Works Agency

The UNRWA has provided food assistance for over 1 million Palestinians, and continue to do so in the territories with heavy destruction. They also provide emergency mental and physical health protection for those in the region.

Medical Aid for Palestinians

MAP provides medical and healthcare to Palestinians in need, specifically women and children. The assistance includes emergency relief, psychosocial support, help with disabilities, among other medical needs.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders has medical teams on the ground in Jerusalem and has been treating Palestinians who have been injured by Israeli police. They are also on the Gaza Strip assisting with medical needs as the conflict in that region escalates.

Take action for Julian Assange and Press Freedom

Assange activist Misty Winston is raising money to purchase a billboard for Assange in Columbus Ohio. Click here to donate and/or share to your on your social media pages.

Also visit and scroll down to view and access information on all the many things you can do to help the Free Assange cause and protect press freedoms.

You can also watch our interview with Assange activist Misty Winston to learn more about what you can do and why this cause is so important and find links to additional resources and information on the blog.

Take Action For Children and Families Fleeing Violence

Every. Last. One. is an organization that supports and protects children and families whose mental and physical wellbeing is being threatened by an inhumane immigration system. Support their efforts through speaking out, volunteering, donating or sponsoring a child.

Take Action to End Hunger

We all have a stake in using our voice to ensure our neighbors have enough to eat. Through actions big and small, we all can take steps to move the needle on hunger. Click here to visit the Feeding America action page and see what you can do today that will influence who can get enough to eat tomorrow and for generations to come.

End the blockade on Yemen!

Sign the petition for President Biden to take decisive action and tell Saudi Arabia it must stop using starvation as a weapon of war and lift its blockade on Yemen now.

Support Hunger Strikers for Yemen

The Yemeni Liberation Movement is a grassroots, volunteer-led organization working to mobilize our communities for an end to the Yemen war, and bring liberation and sovereignty to all of Yemen. Please consider donating to help hunger strikers fight against this genocide. 

Take Action to End Homelessness

Invisible People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about homelessness through innovative storytelling, news, and advocacy. Watch and share their stories. Educate yourself about homelessness. Catch up on the latest homelessness news. Then take action to help your community. Just one person can achieve a lot.

Take Action for PEACE with CODEPINK Issues & Campaigns

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs. Take action on their issues and campaigns page and explore their website to learn more.

Help Save Children Amidst Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

As Jesse Crall pointed out in his post, “Yemen and the Truth“, the war in Yemen is an abject travesty that has resulted in Nearly 24 million people—including 12.3 million children—being in need humanitarian assistance and protection.  If you feel so inclined, please consider a donation to Save the Children’s efforts in Yemen:

Urge Congress to Repeal the Caesar Act

In his piece “Awareness & Syria“, our contributing writer, Jesse Crall shared information and concerns about the Caesar Act sanctions currently imposed by the U.S. government against Syria and how we should be urging congress to put a stop to them. As he stated, these sanctions will lead to significant harm to a population already decimated by civil war and poverty. Please take action by contacting your representatives and by sharing this post with others.

We would welcome your sharing of your efforts and experiences with taking action on these items. We also invite you to submit your own action items for consideration of being published here and in our newsletter. Please send all correspondence to

You can also post your action items on our moderated Facebook Group.

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