During many years directing Summer Camps I watched time after time a wondrous piece of magic develop. Space plus time – with freedom to be and speak – creates community bound in deep love. 

Gathering happens. That is the Amplifire Project.

Michael Harrington, Animating Director

I am a sixty-seven-year-old privileged white man abiding in Seattle, WA. I have been blessed with three girls and one boy plus four stepchildren (three boys one girl) and one adopted girl. There are five step-grands as of this writing. My partner Karen is the heart of myself. My fabulous sister and brother-in-law live in our hometown Austin, TX (where I long to be eating the finest TexMex food on the planet every blessed day).Along my way I have graduated from a Jesuit university and a Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I grew up in a Methodist household, spent time as a Lutheran minister, a UCC campus minister, a Catholic youth director and more recently as a young adult program designer for the Episcopal brand. A lot of miles and a lot of students along the way. I write. I draw. I preach and I work for a new day of Justice and Peace. More to come.

I still direct the OccupyFaith Initiative.

– Michael 

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