My Favorite Teacher

A Poem by Victoria Lynn Hall

They built boxes
that could not contain me
Told me their version of the facts
But didn't explain them to me
And when I didn't conform
so easily
They saw fit to complain about me

They called in Mom
but they got Dad
And found that they had
more than they bargained for
Because when they invited him in
To be told of my sins
It became clear who he would argue for

He said,
“You are here for her, she's not here for you
And you don't know my child as well as I do
If her interest is something you fail to earn
Then the fault is in how you teach
Not in how she wants to learn”

An eavesdropper would later say
That I was the most spoiled creature
But what I learned that day
Was what I was worthy of
and that I was loved
By my favorite teacher

Note: I read this poem on the video of the Wonderland Campaign Discussion Group meeting for Wonderland Reboot Part 3 – Summer School.

A self taught artist and creative entrepreneur, Victoria Lynn Hall lives in the Kansas City area with 4 spoiled cats. She believes in art and the magic of kindness.

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Creative Coordinator of Amplifire Project.

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