Gathering Newsletter No. 20


“By introducing curiosity into politics it can become relatable, engaging and even heart-opening!”

Kerri Romeo, The Wonderland Campaign


By Creative Coordinator, Victoria Lynn Hall

Recently we had our first “Wonderland Campaign Discussion Group” Zoom meeting. In the days leading up to it, I kept meaning to plan an agenda for it. I started to think about past meetings I’d participated in for other endeavors and how I might apply a similar structure but this failed to hold my attention. Instead I found my mind wandering to what hat I could wear and how I might decorate my studio to make it more wonderland-like. This energized me and made me realize that I didn’t want to set an agenda for the meeting, I wanted it to be a creative collaboration between myself and our Alice, Kerri Romeo and anyone else who showed up. I wanted it to be an adventure.

This was very much in keeping with The Wonderland Campaign and all the things I love about it. It is informative without being boring. It is historical without being same old, same old. It tells the truth but with creativity and imagination. And it doesn’t tell you what to think but inspires you to think for yourself.

In other words, it is everything that political discourse in this country more often than not fails to be – especially in mainstream circles.

I get it, it’s difficult to infuse creativity and imagination into a discussion about a political establishment that is so stuck in its old, tired ways. We do have to deal with reality and, let’s face it, reality truly bites for much of the world right now. But as Lewis Carroll himself said, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

I think we need to escape reality (in healthy ways) periodically if we can, not just to give ourselves a break from it but to inspire us and remind us what is possible. Just like you need to get rid of an old, broken down piece of furniture before you have room for something new, sometimes we have to empty our minds of all preconceived notions to receive new and better ideas.

I’m hoping that the Wonderland Campaign Discussion group will serve as kind of a doorway between what is and what is possible; a time and space reserved for people to come together and create our own wonderland and then bring the spirit of it back to our reality. It may not change the world we live in but it may change the way we live in the world.

If you missed the first Wonderland Campaign Discussion Group Meeting, no worries. We haven’t gone down the rabbit hole yet! Sign up for the Wonderland Campaign Discussion Group email list to receive a recap and more information about what is to come.

And if you have any questions, concerns or comments about this or anything else, you can always write me at

Action Items

In an effort to keep this newsletter organized and further promote ongoing action items, we have given them their own page. Please visit it often to check for updates.

There are two important events coming up for the cause to free persecuted journalist Julian Assange and protect freedom of the press:

#CloversForAssange #FuckCensorship DC March and Celebration, March 17th and 18th 2021

The hashtag #CloversForAssange was created last year as a way to galvanize support for award-winning journalist, publisher, torture victim, and political prisoner, Julian Assange. The hashtag went viral, and now the clover has become a way for supporters to recognize each other internationally.

Action4Assange is taking this concept peacefully into the physical space for a Saint Patrick’s Day #CloversForAssange protest March in Washington, DC!

They are working in solidarity with The Convo Couch who are hosting the #FuckCensorship peaceful assemblies and marches from CNN to NPR to Google.

#FreeAssange Forum Telethon Forum on March 20th 1:30 – 7PM ET

Hosted by Katie Halper and Jen Perelman and featuring guests Nathan Fuller, John Kiriakou, Medea Benjamin, Kevin Gosztola , Lee Camp, Rania Khalek, Ron Placone, Ryan Knight, Kate Willett, Jordan Chariton, Norman Solomon, Marjorie Cohn, Shahid Buttar and Chris Hedges.

For more ways to help Julian, please visit:

We also welcome your sharing of your efforts and experiences with taking action on these items and invite you to submit your own action items for consideration of being published in this newsletter. Please send all correspondence to

You can also post your action items on our moderated Facebook Group.

On the Amplifire Project YouTube Channel

Good news: Ask Jesse returned from hiatus this week! In an all new episode, Victoria asked Jesse how he feels the Biden era is going so far and they discussed the American Rescue Plan, Biden’s foreign policy, the media’s coverage of Biden and more. Here’s the full episode:

In the clip below, Jesse addresses an oft repeated claim that the American Rescue Plan is going to “cut child poverty in half” and what it would really take to meaningfully challenge the systems that enable poverty in this country.

On the Amplifire Project Blog

Victoria contributed her show notes for her Ask Jesse Episode 34: The Biden Paradigm

She also broke down her favorite past episode in Ask Jesse Episode 22 Revisited: The Pursuit of Happiness

And contributed two other articles:

Donald Trump Was A Gift about her fear that we are squandering the political awareness the Trump presidency gave many of us by failing to scrutinize Biden’s actions as diligently.


The Most Important Thing where she muses about how we each play a unique and important role in creating change.

Our Alice, Kerri Romeo continued to lead us on the Wonderland Campaign adventure:

In Civil-i-Tea we meet an indignant Alice who seems to have had enough of the polite nonsense of the Hatter and the Hare.

And in Painted Roses Alice finally reaches the garden of her dreams, only to find it is not what she thought it would be.

On the Amplifire Project Facebook Group

We hope you have or will join our community at and please feel free to share content to and from this public group. Here’s just a few items that were shared with the group since the last newsletter:

The “Do it all Myself” Mentality that’s Born from Trauma & Feeling Unworthy.

“The ‘do it all myself’ mentality is praised by society as a strong work ethic and tenacious independence. But it’s born from trauma.

“The Real Fight Is to Help People”: Why Lindsey Boylan Decided to Speak Out

“The more I started thinking about how I would tell this story, the less I wanted someone else in the media to tell it. I wanted to be able to say what the experience meant to me so that I didn’t have to be revictimized. It was really important for me to find a way to tell my own story.”

How a Revolutionary Poet Helped the POOR Community Find Its Voice

“With a ‘Ph.D. in poverty’, Lisa ‘Tiny’ Gray-Garcia has helped people living in poverty find their voices.”

How do we shift our consciousness from competition to cooperation?

Words have magic. Use them for good.

On the Amplifire Project Twitter Page

Here’s our “Featured Tweet“:

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Thank you for listening.

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