Gathering Newsletter No. 18


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  - Helen Keller

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller


By Creative Coordinator, Victoria Lynn Hall

After taking almost a month off from putting together this “weekly” gathering, I’ve decided to drop the “weekly” for now. That takes some of the pressure off of me for feeling we have to have enough content on any given week to fill a newsletter. Although we usually do, I don’t want that to be the criteria or motivation behind Amplifire Project.

So what is that criteria or motivation, you ask? Well, Amplifire Project and I have a lot in common and one of them is that we are both here for whoever wants to show up and collaborate on common issues and goals. And we are both learning to adapt to the fact that who shows when and for what is not something that is set in stone.

Ultimately the value of Amplifire Project is that it provides the structure and resources for other people to contribute when they are able to because they want to and not because they have to.

I also see Amplifire Project becoming a bridge between various other projects and resources, where people can learn about each other, connect and move on or go back to their own projects accordingly.

So while contributions can be sporadic and not every single week will be overflowing with content, I do find that Amplifire Project and I are always growing and evolving as others come and go from this gathering space and I hope our audience does too.

Are you ready to pitch in and contribute your story? Have you always wanted to start a blog or a podcast to promote issues that matter to you but don’t have the time or skills to make it a reality? Do you have your own activist organization or effort that we can help you amplify? Write me at and let’s talk about what we might be able to do together.

Help Us Grow

Amplifire Project is an all volunteer effort and relies on the participation of, not just contributors, but also readers/listeners to grow our community and our audience. Here’s how you can help us:

We are at 60 Subscribers for our YouTube channel and are still hoping to get to 100 soon. It is free to subscribe. If you have already subscribed, please consider sharing the channel or our videos with friends and asking them to do the same.

We would also really like to see our Facebook Group become more of a community so don’t be shy about joining and introducing yourself or sharing your thoughts on one of the posts there or sharing your own post.

And don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter where we hope you will generously share our content as well.

As always we appreciate your support and encouragement.

On the Amplifire Project YouTube Channel

Victoria interviewed activist Misty Winston (from Facts on the Ground & Action4Assange Podcasts) about her efforts on behalf of Julian Assange and press freedoms and how more people can and should get involved.

Ask Jesse has been on hiatus while Jesse Crall focuses on other important things in his life, so Victoria made a second “best of” compilation of some clips from episodes 16 through 30 of Ask Jesse.

Victoria shared her thoughts on rediscovering her purpose for being on social media and what others can do that might help them become less distracted and more purposeful on social media:

And Victoria also conducted an interview with her friend Lori Evangelisto about the blessings, lessons and challenges she has encountered during her 27+ year teaching career in Special Education and Emotional Learning:

On the Amplifire Project Blog

Assange Activism for Everyone contains Victoria’s impressions and notes for her interview with Assange activist, Misty Winston, including essential resources and information provided by Misty about Julian Assange and how to get involved in the cause for freeing him and protecting the freedom of the press.

In Victoria’s show notes for The Best of Ask Jesse: Episodes 16 Through 30, she gives herself credit for being smart enough to realize how right Jesse was about most things, even when she wished he wasn’t.

Victoria also wrote a poem and a few other articles since the last newsletter including, How I Became an Anti-Imperialist and Depressing Truths.

Our Alice, Kerri Romeo has also continued her curious Wonderland Campaign adventures; exploring the dynamics of change in Same Difference; questioning how we might get beyond the gatekeepers in Knock, Knock…; discovering the confusing, nonsensical world beyond the gate in Cooking Up Chaos; and challenging the limits of our perception and our compassion in Perceptive Pig.

On the Amplifire Project Facebook Group

We hope you have or will join our community at and please feel free to share content to and from this public group. Here’s just a few of the things that were shared recently:

Victoria shared an article on How To Practice Bearing Witness by Zen teacher Jules Shuzen Harris. Here’s an excerpt:

“The practice of bearing witness is not easy, but if there was ever a time when we needed to bear witness, it is now. Gone are the days when it was enough to march in the streets to bring about social change. Each of us is called upon to move beyond our own fixed views and open our eyes to penetrate to the true reality of the world as it is.”

Along those same lines, Victoria also shared this poem by Stacie Martin:

Kerri shared this video about a group of animal lovers making a difference by building a micro-sanctuary called Hogs & Kisses for bunnies, cows, and pigs.

Michael shared the article: Standing Rock Lakota youth announce 93-mile relay run calling for Biden to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline.

Action Items

In an effort to keep this newsletter organized and further promote action items, we have given them their own page. Please visit it often to check for updates.

We also welcome your sharing of your efforts and experiences with taking action on these items and invite you to submit your own action items for consideration of being published in this newsletter. Please send all correspondence to

You can also post your action items on our moderated Facebook Group.

On the Amplifire Project Twitter Page

Here’s our “Featured Tweet“:

Learn more about our growing team of contributors here.

Thank you for listening.

Amplifire Project

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