Cooking Up Chaos

By Kerri Romeo

When Alice realizes she isn’t going to get in the door the traditional way (without the help of the Footman) she skips the middleman and takes matters into her own hands.

In our political wonderland we have politely asked to be let in.  We voted.  We reached out to senators.  We tweeted.  We hashtagged.  And while we still should continue to take these actions to connect, learn, raise awareness and offset propaganda, sometimes one can feel a bit desperate (or maybe more aptly in our case discouraged) like Alice when it seems nobody is listening:  “Oh, there’s no use in talking to him.”  

 …And she opened the door and went in (from Alice in Wonderland, Chapter VI)

What happens when we cross the political threshold?  Everyone has a different idea of what opening the door means.  So to be clear, this isn’t an invitation to storm the Capitol or any other similar destructive action.  Wonderland is about seeking the alternative, peaceful solutions.  Violent protest is misguided, counterproductive and dangerous!  Doors may have been opened literally, but then locked in censorship.  When will people stop proving the status quo “right” to justify the “decent politicians” doing something wrong. Opening the door in our wonderland means to continue to stay curious and expose the truth.  What does opening the door look like? Caitlin Johnstone encourages us to “Be Your Own Revolution”.  No violence or viking costume required.  

Alice enters the smoke-filled kitchen of the Duchess while the cook over-seasons the soup before starting to throw dishes and pans at the Duchess and the baby she cradles in her arms (while not only not protecting the baby from others, but also mistreating her herself).  Everyone goes about their own business with complete disregard to the chaos and violence that surrounds them as if it is normal. 

When you open the door you become more aware of the unbalanced amount of power in the political soup.  Like Alice, you witness the abuse and neglect thrown at us and others by those in power who pretend to cradle and care for us.  Children living in poverty?  The war in Yemen?  Gamestop stocks?  People dying because they can’t afford healthcare?  People being evicted because they lost their 2nd or 3rd job because of COVID (while politicians make unfulfilled promises for relief)?  People working 2 or 3 jobs and not able to afford basic living expenses?  These issues may be common, but they are not normal. And they are being ignored. 

When Alice speaks out for what she sees she is reprimanded:

`If everybody minded their own business,’ the Duchess said in a hoarse growl, `the world would go round a deal faster than it does.’

`Which would not be an advantage,’ said Alice,

When Alice tries to rationalize, the Duchess orders to “chop off her head!”

When Alice continues to offer solutions, the Duchess brushes her off:  `Oh, don’t bother me,’

Alice will not stop protecting the innocent though.  Victoria Lynn Hall is an Alice.  She has been reprimanded, cancelled, and brushed off for speaking the truth.  She is sometimes (oftentimes?) misunderstood.  But she never gives up.  

Up next, find out what happens when Alice protects the Duchess’ baby.  You will be tickled pink!

Kerri is an advocate for the introverted activist. Often at a loss for words in person, she writes to make sense of the world and connect with others. She wishes for more curiosity & kindness in the world.

Published by Kerri

Kerri is an advocate for the introverted activist. Often at a loss for words in person, she writes to make sense of the world and connect with others . She wishes for more curiosity & kindness in the world.

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