Weekly Gathering Newsletter No. 17

Week ending 01/16/2021

“The worst sin to our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that is the essence of inhumanity.”

George Bernard Shaw


By Creative Coordinator, Victoria Lynn Hall

One of the reasons I advocate so much for us to listen to each other is that I have often experienced being unheard, ignored or misunderstood and know how incredibly painful and damaging it can be.

There’s actually scientific research that has been done that shows that feeling excluded or ignored causes changes in our brains. Scientists have proven that the anterior cingulate cortex, a part of our brain which detects pain, is activated when something we say or do receives the silent treatment (source).

Experiencing this pain on a personal level is bad enough but the ways I see it playing out in our society now is truly depressing and frightening. While I never accept but have come to expect that our government willingly ignores millions of its citizens and am saddened but not surprised, that big tech would exert their power to further that process of ostracization for many thousands of them – it is the way that people have celebrated the latter and even gone as far as to ostracize those who are against it that makes me wonder if there is any hope for us.

Ultimately, however, I can only control my own behavior and not allow myself to become as dismissive or shortsighted as I see others becoming. Instead I must continue to do the hard work of keeping my mind and heart open, even to those who have closed theirs to me.

I’m here to listen, even and especially when you feel no one else is, write me at Victoria@AmplifireProject.com

Note: If you are interested in learning more about the pain and psychological effects of ostracism, I suggest looking into the work of Kipling D. Williams, a Distinguished Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University.

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On the Amplifire Project Blog

In her show notes for “Ask Jesse” Episode 33“, Victoria talks about what kindness means to her in addition to providing additional resources for the topics she and Jesse talked about.

Victoria also wrote a poem inspired by Kerri Romeo’s Wonderland Campaign series entitled, Welcome To Wonderland.

For this week’s Wonderland Campaign feature, Kerri demonstrates how fear and misunderstandings lead to cancel culture in wonderland and beyond, in Cancelled In Wonderland.

From the Blog Archives, Abraham Entin tells the story of how Capitalism has failed to deliver the solutions it promised in The Three Promises of Free Market Capitalism.

On the Amplifire Project YouTube Channel

In Ask Jesse Episode 33, Jesse and Victoria discuss the dangers of censorship and how quick fixes and moderate improvements don’t challenge the power structures that are responsible for much of the despair and the division in this country.

In this clip Jesse discusses what it means to “incite violence” and how de-platforming and demonizing Trump in reactionary ways could cause more harm in the long run.:

Victoria shared her “Social media Thoughts” on how the negative bias of our brains affects our actions and experiences on social media:

And we debuted a new promo video for The Wonderland Campaign series:

On the Amplifire Project Facebook Group

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Kerri posted this video from Instagram where Marie Beecham shares 3 reasons why cancel culture is unhelpful.

Victoria shared this image quote from artist Heather Schieder (https://www.etsy.com/shop/heatherschieder)

“We must talk about poverty, because people insulated by their own comfort lose sight of it.” – Dorothy Day

Victoria also shared the image quote and caption below from Jesse’s page:

There are 2 reasons to support censorship:
1. You think your position can’t hold up under scrutiny
2. You believe you’re smarter than the rest of the country and they need protection from “bad” ideas you’re too good to fall for

These are not good reasons.

Jesse shared the image quote with his thoughts below:

If you don’t want to get fired for your political beliefs, look into card check, ending at-will employment, expanding collective ownership & taking the same general approach to labor as beloved Republican Abraham Lincoln:

Action Items

In an effort to keep this newsletter organized and further promote action items, we have given them their own page. We will just be sharing the newest items with you each week here.

Tell 27 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to take Defunding the Pentagon seriously and STOP taking campaign contributions from weapons companies! Sign The Petition at CodePink

From Christine Assange, Mother of courageous whistleblower, journalist Julian Assange: My journalist son Julian is alone, sick & suffering from prolonged persecution, solitary confinement & psychological torture in freezing cold, Covid infected UKs Belmarsh max security prison. He’d like to hear from those fighting to free him.

Instructions: https://writejulian.com

To read more about Julian Assange and why his case is so important to us all read: The Kafkaesque Imprisonment of Julian Assange Exposes U.S. Myths About Freedom and Tyranny by Gleen Greenwald

We would welcome your sharing of your efforts and experiences with taking action on these items. We also invite you to submit your own action items for consideration of being published in this newsletter. Please send all correspondence to Victoria@amplifireproject.com

You can also post your action items on our moderated Facebook Group.

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Here’s our “Tweet of the Week“:

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Thank you for listening.

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