A Poem by Victoria Lynn Hall

 Power is not cake
 it's only yours if you use it
 It's always a mistake
 to do nothing while others abuse it
 To sacrifice a battle for a war
 that others won't see if the battle is lost
 is to look toward your own future
 when a future for others is the cost
 No true fighter
 aspires beyond the battlefield
 No true warrior
 is celebrated when they yield
 You did not pull your weapon
 from out of a stone
 You weren't handed a crown
 You weren't put on a throne
 There are thousands who lifted you
 on the strength of your promise
 who are hopeful you will still come through
 Do you forsake them for a higher office?
 If you don't speak for them
 you have gone back on your word
 If you don't fight for them
 you have laid down your sword 

A self taught artist and creative entrepreneur, Victoria Lynn Hall lives in the Kansas City area with 4 spoiled cats. She believes in art and the magic of kindness.

Published by amplifireproject

Creative Coordinator of Amplifire Project.

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