Anxiety Antidotes

By Lorie Michaels

Something that continues to be of concern to me is the stress and anxiety people are experiencing because of the Covid pandemic, our dysfunctional political system, our environmental crisis and so much more happening in our world today. I am especially worried about how children who may not have developed many emotional tools are handling the current upheaval in their lives when it comes to school and their other every day activities.

Fortunately, I know someone who has experience and knowledge when it comes to emotional tools or “anxiety antidotes”: my friend, Chris Craven.

Chris is a Holistic Health Practitioner, and former wellness center owner who has studied many forms of emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I met her during the Marianne Williamson presidential campaign when she was our New Mexico state grassroots leader.

We came together to talk more about her story as well as the stressful issues that so many students are experiencing now and what she has learned to help reduce anxiety.

The exercise Chris shows us in my video talk with her below is the Cortices technique from the BodyTalk™ System. It immediately shifts and balances the brain to bring you out of fear mode and into a place of ease and comfort.

You can visit Chris’s website to request a short video she has prepared, which explains the application’s steps in more detail.

I’m Lorie Michaels. I am an activist, healer, (very fast) walker, beach & outdoor fanatic, and a lover.  I smile and say hello to strangers.  I love hugs.  I’m also an Army veteran. I’m passionate about learning and promoting amazing people and ideas.

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