Covid-Schooling: How some families are coping

By Lorie Michaels

In the latest “Conversations with Lorie” video, Moms who came together as activists share our experiences to help each other and families who are struggling with the education system as it is.

Our group:

Mary Hollywood, mom of 3 & 6 year olds, remote un-schooling and English teacher working from home
Kimberly Dullaghan, mom of 6 year old, remote schooling and Commercial Artist, working from home
Lori Evangelisto, mom of older kids and Life Skills/Special Education Instructor (currently in person)
Lorie Michaels, mom of older kid, Educational Consultant

We are in different areas of the US, with differently aged children, but all of us are thinking about how to be the best helpers we can for children.

A theme that shows up repeatedly is that our current education system is not meeting the needs of our children, our educators, or our families. Covid has changed the entire structure, and in some cases highlighted the deficits in how our children are engaging with learning.

In the words of Marianne Williamson:

Every public school in the United States should be a palace of learning and culture and the arts. That is our greatest treasure—our children. And if you want to have an amazingly prosperous economy ten years from now, what you do is take better care of your ten-year-olds today.”

How do we harness the curiosity and intelligence in our kids, still meet the requirements for education in the US, and stay sane?

Mary referenced this quote when talking about “Un-schooling” her kids:

You go talk to kindergartners or first-grade kids, you find a class full of science enthusiasts. They ask deep questions. They ask, “What is a dream, why do we have toes, why is the moon round, what is the birthday of the world, why is grass green?”

These are profound, important questions. They just bubble right out of them.

You go talk to 12th graders and there’s none of that. They’ve become incurious. Something terrible has happened between kindergarten and 12th grade.”

Carl Sagan, Cosmos: Carl Sagan

Watch our conversation about how working moms are balancing the social, emotional, and educational needs of their children during the pandemic in the video below and join in with your own thoughts in the comments or write me at

We are particularly interested in knowing:

  • What are you doing for remote learning?
  • How are you taking care of yourself?
  • What could our community do to help you with remote learning?

I’m Lorie Michaels. I am an activist, healer, (very fast) walker, beach & outdoor fanatic, and a lover.  I smile and say hello to strangers.  I love hugs.  I’m also an Army veteran. I’m passionate about learning and promoting amazing people and ideas.

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