Ask Jesse Episode 28: Cabinet Concerns

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Show Notes by Victoria Lynn Hall

I’m writing this on the day when many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Also taking place today was the National Day of Mourning, an annual protest organized since 1970 by Native Americans of New England.

In another room, someone is watching a football game; The Washington Football Team (formerly known as The Washington Redskins) playing The Dallas Cowboys.

It reminds me of the old movies I saw as a kid in which the “Cowboys” were always the “good guys” and the “Indians” were always the “bad guys”. I wonder how much longer it might have taken me to figure out that wasn’t true had I not taken an interest in American history beyond what was in my school books.

So many of the more convenient sources of information about the world these days aren’t always the most objective. Cable news outlets, for example, often don’t present the facts as much as their interpretation of the facts. Like movies and textbooks, they are telling us who the good guys and the bad guys are according to their values. Yet, is their truth our truth if we don’t share those values?

I’m writing this on a day when many people in this country are feasting while too many more around the world are hungry. My values tell me that anyone who was involved in foreign policy decisions that contributed to a situation that resulted in millions of hungry children is not a “good person” to be making those decisions in the future, no matter how nice their peers may say they are.

Relying on the television for our news about politics feels too much like watching a movie or a game where we root for the scripted “good guys” or for the team our parents rooted for. If only more people could take an interest in our governmental policies beyond what mainstream media tells us, perhaps there will come a day in which our celebrations don’t come at the expense of other people mourning.

In this episode Jesse mentioned following David Dayen, editor at The Prospect and their coverage of Biden’s Cabinet picks, which you can read on their Cabinet Watch page.

I referenced this article by David Sirota for The Daily Poster: New Poll: Majority Wants Senate Dems To Reject Corporate Nominees

Jesse and I also talked a lot about mainstream media’s bias in reporting on Biden’s cabinet picks which I feel is nicely summed up in this article By Alan Macleod for Mint Press News: Superheroes” and “Nice” Guys: Coverage of Biden’s Hawkish Cabinet Picks is Predictably Lacking

When discussing his more ideal cabinet picks, Jesse mentioned political scientist, John Mearsheimer and economist Stephanie Kelton.

Here’s a video Mearsheimer did last week on what to expect from Biden’s foreign policy:

We recommend Kelton’s book The Deficit Myth.

Jesse talked about how important it is that Biden follow through on his campaign promise to end the conflict in Yemen. For a good primer on that situation and the involvement of Tony Blinken and Michelle Flournoy in it, I suggest reading Jesse’s article Yemen and the Truth.

For more insight into how Michele Flournoy and Tony Blinken are likely to guide foreign policy in a Biden administration, I recommend this video by Dan Cohen.

I mentioned watching a video with Aaron Maté about Yemen, it was this one:

Here’s an article about the possibility that Jesse discussed of Saudi Arabia ending the war in Yemen: Saudi Arabia is preparing to end the war in Yemen

And I always recommend following Jesse on Twitter, if not for his extraordinary political knowledge and insight, then for the pictures of his cat, Jasmine:

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Jesse Crall

A Los Angeles native, Jesse Crall graduated from UCLA’s English Department before working as a copywriter, script reader and project manager for an engineering firm.

A self taught artist and creative entrepreneur, Victoria Lynn Hall lives in the Kansas City area with 4 spoiled cats. She believes in art and the magic of kindness.

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