Weekly Gathering Newsletter No. 10

Week ending 11/21/2020

To hear, one must be silent.

Ursula K. Le Guin


By Creative Coordinator, Victoria Lynn Hall

Dear readers,

This has been a difficult week for me and I find I don’t have anything more to say about it.

However, I’m still here to listen. Feel free to write me at Victoria@amplifireproject.com

I hope you enjoy the content and contributions below.

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On the Amplifire Project Blog

In her show notes for Episode 27 of “Ask Jesse” Victoria quotes two sources of wisdom in her life: Classic Rock lyrics and Marianne Williamson, as well as sharing further information and resources for this “time of transition.”

For this week’s Wonderland Campaign feature, Kerri examines what it means to grow up in today’s world in “Small Houses“.

And you can learn more about the woman behind the Wonderland Campaign in our interview with Kerri: Questions for Alice.

On the Amplifire Project YouTube Channel

Victoria shared her “Social Media Thoughts” about setting boundaries and protecting your energy from those who would drain it.

Lorie Michaels joined Yoga Teacher, Lauren Matsch for a meditative relaxation exercise to ease stress and tension.

And Jesse and Victoria discussed how Trump and Biden are handling this time of transition and how we as citizens can use this time to increase our awareness and understanding of our government and ourselves. in Episode 27 of our weekly podcast, “Ask Jesse” .

Here’s a short clip from that episode where Jesse describes how difficult it is to find anything positive to talk about when it comes to today’s destructive political landscape:

On the Amplifire Project Facebook Group

We hope you have or will join our community at facebook.com/groups/AmplifireProject and please feel free to share content to and from this public group. Here’s some of what was shared this past week:

Kerri shared these sage words along with the video below them:

It is easy to love those who fit into society’s ideal. But too often we look away from or blame those who are struggling. We fear to help someone because it is assumed it is their own fault that they are in a difficult position and deserve it or that if we help they will take advantage or that their misfortune could lead to our own misfortune or any number of other reasons to avoid the problem. We see everything that could go wrong.

What if we had a system that did not perpetuate these beliefs? What if we had the vision to see what could go right? What if we saw animals and people (no matter what their circumstances in the past and in this moment) and the planet like this woman saw this cat. What if we could love those who do not fit the “ideal”. How would our society transform?”

When you’re tempted to judge someone, make an effort to see their goodness. Your willingness to look for the best in people will subconsciously bring it forth.” ~ Marianne Williamson (from 10 Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected)

Our Animating Director, Michael Harrington inspired us with these quotes by Margaret Meade on the anniversary of her death (Nov. 15, 1978):

“There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing…when we save our children, we save ourselves” ― Margaret Mead

“Instead of being presented with stereotypes by age, sex, color, class, or religion, children must have the opportunity to learn that within each range, some people are loathsome, and some are delightful.” ― Margaret Mead

“For the very first time the young are seeing history being made before it is censored by their elders.” ― Margaret Mead

Michael also shared this heartbreaking post from Teen Talk Hotline, written by an older brother who lost his younger brother to suicide and his family’s quest to prevent these tragedies in the future: Choose Life: The Movement to End Teen Suicide by 2030

Victoria Godfrey-Zeller shared this story and how it said to her that “Working together not against each other we can accomplish anything”: A Story by John Lewis “Walking with the Wind”

She also shared this song from Buffalo Springfield which was originally released in 1966 and unfortunately still feels relevant today:

On the Amplifire Project Twitter Page

Here’s our “Tweet of the Week“:

Action Items

Sign and send the petition to President-elect Biden and the Senate: You must appoint an Administration that will immediately address the issues of the nation, not corporate interests.

If you are interested in becoming a more active citizen when it comes to making your voice heard by the lawmakers who presumably work for us and our communities, you may find this: Citizen Primer from The Peace Alliance a helpful introduction. As it states: “If a corporate lobbyist is speaking to your representative practically every day, it is hardly enough for you to speak to them through the voting booth only every two or four years.”

One way to make your voice heard to your lawmakers now is by supporting Tulsi Gabbard’s bills to protect brave whistleblowers and drop the charges against Edward Snowden and Christine Assange’s son, Julian.

Please contact your representatives and ask them to support the following:

H.Res.1175 to drop charges against Julian Assange.

H.Res.1162 to drop charges against Edward Snowden.

And H.R.8452, The Protect Brave Whistleblowers Act, to reform the Espionage Act to protect future whistleblowers.

To learn more about this issue, Jesse Crall recommends listening to this TrueAnon podcast for a rundown of the Assange case that goes into the broad strokes and then the details.

Join CODEPINK in their campaign to demand President-elect Biden be a president fulfill his campaign promise to end the war in Yemen. Call on Biden to be a President for Peace: https://www.codepink.org/bidentenpointsforpeace

Hunger is growing in the wake of the Covid 19 Pandemic. It is estimated that in 2020 more than 54 million people may face hunger because of coronavirus. FeedingAmerica.org is a great resource for learning more about the problem and how you can help or get help if you need it. Their Find Your Local Food Bank search page is a convenient way to find organizations in your own community.

In his piece “Awareness & Syria“, our contributing writer, Jesse Crall shared information and concerns about the Caesar Act sanctions currently imposed by the U.S. government against Syria and how we should be urging congress to put a stop to them. As he stated, these sanctions will lead to significant harm to a population already decimated by civil war and poverty. Please take action by contacting your representatives and by sharing this post with others.

We would welcome your sharing of your efforts and experiences with taking action on these items. We also invite you to submit your own action items for consideration of being published in this newsletter. Please send all correspondence to Victoria@amplifireproject.com

You can also post your action items on our moderated Facebook Group.

Learn more about our growing team of contributors here.

Thank you for listening.

Amplifire Project

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