Ask Jesse Episode 27: A Time of Transition

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Show Notes by Victoria Lynn Hall

While many people took to the streets to celebrate when Joe Biden was officially projected as the winner of this year’s presidential election, I found myself at home thinking, as I often do, of a line from the lyrics of a song:

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I’m sure a new administration in the White House will bring about some changes, some of which may even be positive. However, when it comes to how our government is run (as a corporate empire), by who (people who are beholden to corporations and their own elite interests) and to what end (ensuring that the US remains a corporate empire that caters to its own interests at the expense of working people around the world), Biden himself has promised that, “nothing will fundamentally change”.

That is unless we change.

Something besides song lyrics that I also find myself thinking of often is quotes from books by Marianne Williamson, the most famous one beginning with these words:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

I personally feel that it will be our willingness to face and overcome that fear, both individually and collectively as citizens, that will decide the fate of this country and ultimately our world.

I believe we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and that the only way to ensure change is to “don’t get fooled again” into thinking that changing any one leader is going to change anything for us.

In this episode I referenced and read an excerpt from another excellent article by Caitlin Johnstone, aptly entitled: Biden Will Likely Be Worse Than Obama. The Left Must Lead The Backlash, Or The Right Will.

Jesse and I also discussed The Poor People’s Campaign which is an organization definitely worth looking into if you are not already familiar with it.

Jesse spoke of Dr. King and how he lost support from liberals with his stances on war and poverty towards the end of his life. For further reading on this subject, he recommends this article by Zaid Jilani from The Intercept: MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. SPENT THE LAST YEAR OF HIS LIFE DETESTED BY THE LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT

Jesse also mentioned Fred Hampton, whose life, ideas and words – such as those in this video – also continue to be relevant today.

I mentioned that Jesse also does solo podcasts that go more in depth on specific subjects and ideas. I highly recommend checking them out and subscribing at

I also can’t recommend enough following Jesse on Twitter. While you will find that he often and accurately criticizes people in power, he does so in the interests of peace and equality for all citizens. I know he helps keep me and many others informed and aware of the core issues amidst all the distractions that it is easy to get lost in on social media with tweets like these:

Watch/listen to our full episode below or on YouTube where you can subscribe to all of our video content. We would also like to thank Kim D. for contributing her fabulous song, “Corporation Coup” for use as a theme for our videos, you can find the full recording of this song at:

Jesse Crall

A Los Angeles native, Jesse Crall graduated from UCLA’s English Department before working as a copywriter, script reader and project manager for an engineering firm.

A self taught artist and creative entrepreneur, Victoria Lynn Hall lives in the Kansas City area with 4 spoiled cats. She believes in art and the magic of kindness.

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