Postcards From The Patriarchy

By Victoria Hall

After reading last week’s installment of the Wonderland Campaign by Kerri Romeo, “Women In Wonderland“, I shared some of my experiences of working as an executive secretary in a male dominated corporate world in our Facebook group.

That world, which I walked away from almost 25 years ago, largely informed the writing of my song, “like a man” but unfortunately it also applies to the patriarchal world we all live in now.

When I make a comment or post a .gif relating to “smashing the patriarchy”, I am sometimes accused of “man bashing” which is completely inaccurate. I respect and admire many men and I believe that they would also be happier in a world where masculine and feminine energies were more balanced and equally valued.

I don’t desire a world dominated by feminine energy anymore than I desire the male dominated one we live in today. What I do desire is for compassion to be valued at least as much as competitiveness in and out of the workplace; for strength to be not just equated with force or stoicism but also with emotional courage in all the sexes; for both boys and girls to be taught the importance of nurturing and caring for others; and for all of us to give due respect and recognize women and mother earth as the life givers that they are and so much more.

Smashing the patriarchy, to me, is smashing the myth that any one force has to dominate the other in order to “win” and instead understanding that not only is there joy to be found in cooperating with and sacrificing for and loving each other, but that our very survival depends on it.

Of course my song isn’t going to accomplish that but it was a creative way for me to process and express my feelings about it. (Lyrics below video).

Like A Man
Words and Music by Victoria Lynn Hall

I'm either too much or I'm not enough
I do all that I should, still I'm misunderstood

I say what I feel, ask for what I need
I'm told to be quiet, I'm expected to bleed

And when I finally don't give a damn
They say you're acting just like a man

Is this all you want a woman to be?
Is this how you treat the sweet mother of humanity?
Is this all a woman is worth to you?
No wonder you're killing our mother earth too.

She asked for a raise, you gave her your praise
Then promoted the jerk that does half the work

And she says to her daughter, don't do what I've done
But the father won't offer that advice to his son

And when he cries they say don't give a damn
Suck it up son, act like a man

Is this all you want your children to be?
Is this how you treat the sweet future of humanity?
Is this all your children are worth to you?
No wonder you're killing their mother earth too

Is this all your money can buy?
The death and despair and the lies

A self taught artist and creative entrepreneur, Victoria Lynn Hall lives in the Kansas City area with 4 spoiled cats. She believes in art and the magic of kindness.

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