A Politics of Lies

By Jesse Crall

I understand if you look at the unending carnage and lies wrought by the U.S. government and want it all to go away.

You’ve been lied to about: Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Yemen, Ukraine, Pakistan, Haiti, Syria, Libya, Honduras, Iraq and Afghanistan. Regions have been destabilized, trillions of dollars spent, tens of millions of people displaced, over one million murdered.

And that’s just in the last two decades.

Bill Clinton sanctioned 500,000 Iraqi children to death, Hillary hawked for every war that came down the pike, and Democrats invited them to their little convention to talk about values. Because they think you’re a dumb slob who won’t notice.

Start noticing.

Barack Obama lied to you about Syria, he lied about Libya, he lied about Yemen. He said “hope and change” and then let Larry Summers dictate the terms of the economic “recovery.” Because he’s a smug elite who thinks you’re too low to give a shit.

Start giving a shit.

Congress told you that Russia meddled in our elections. Trump was colluding with them. Congress lied. They lied about their proof. They’re still lying about Russian Bounties. Because they think you’re too foolish to pay attention.

Start paying attention.

“Biden will restore honor to our ________” is just another lie. It’s offensive. Our lawmakers and mainstream media think you’re stupid. Biden thinks you’re stupid. He wouldn’t go around lying about his Iraq War support if he had any respect for you.

Stop treating these people with respect because it’s a one-way street. They think you’re nothing. Biden, Trump, the State Department, their lackeys in Congress, cable news. They lie because they figure you won’t ever challenge their bullshit.

Start proving them wrong.

Jesse Crall

A Los Angeles native, Jesse Crall graduated from UCLA’s English Department before working as a copywriter, script reader and project manager for an engineering firm.


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