Weekly Gathering Newsletter No. 1

Week ending 9/19/2020

Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.

Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Welcome to what we hope will be a consistent gathering of all our community content each week.

First, as this is being written it has been less than 48 hours since the world learned of the passing of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg who meant so much to so many and leaves behind an impressive legacy as well as much uncertainty. Our Animating Director, Michael Harrington offered the following words upon learning the news, “Bow your heads America a Great Soul Who Loved You till Death Has Passed our Way”. I’m sure much more will be written and discussed about her in the coming days.

Unfortunately, not long ago we also learned of the loss of Stephen F Cohen, the renowned American scholar on Russia who had a significant influence on our contributor, Jesse Crall, among many others. Jesse shared the following words on Twitter:

“RIP to Stephen F. Cohen, someone whose work I’ve been sharing a lot in recent months. For unparalleled insights on Russian-American affairs, please seek his articles in The Nation and various interviews & talks found on YouTube. They will remain relevant for all time.

Cohen was smeared, ridiculed & dismissed in recent years over his views on Russia, Putin & the American political & Intelligence establishment. His commitment never wavered. I missed his voice in recent months and it hurts to know its gone forever.”

Jesse also retweeted writer Caitlin Johnstone‘s piece on Cohen which is an important read: Stephen Cohen Has Died. Remember His Urgent Warnings Against The New Cold War.

We will continue to speak on these important topics.

Now on to our gathering…

On the Amplifire Project Blog

We had three new posts on the blog this week:

“Power” by Victoria Lynn Hall is a short musing on the difference between inner and outer power.

Kerri Romeo added to her weekly “Wonderland Campaign” series, taking us further down the rabbit hole of this confusing political landscape by asking, “What’s Going On?”

And Victoria also shared further thoughts and references with her show notes for Episode 18 of the “Ask Jesse” podcast: Fascism Vs Realism.

On the Amplifire Project YouTube Channel

If you’re subscribed to our You Tube Channel, you should know that in addition this weeks episode of the “Ask Jesse” podcast (#18: Fascism Vs Realism), Victoria also created and posted these two short videos with her “Social Media Thoughts”:

Social Media Thoughts: Small Steps Toward Connection
Social Media Thoughts: What We Don’t Understand

On the Amplifire Project Facebook Group

If you are a member of our community at facebook.com/groups/AmplifireProject, you may have seen some of the following in addition to our other content.

Victoria posted this quote from Jesse’s Facebook page (which partially inspired her “What We Don’t Understand” video):

Michael shared this important piece commemorating the 57th anniversary of the infamous bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church:

On Birmingham Church Bombing Anniversary, A Call For A Unified Movement For Justice By Micah Danney

Kerri shared this beautiful, fun piece that reminds us of the wisdom of children:

What Does Love Mean? See How 4-8 Year-Old Kids Describe Love by Ladan Lashkari, Dec 29, 2010

Victoria also shared this inspiring, short film that convincingly declares that, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”:

And this article from a fellow member about why 7,500 children who are locked up in adult jails should not be there:

5 Essential Reasons to Keep Kids Out of Adult Jails

On the Amplifire Project Twitter Page

Here’s our “Tweet of the Week“:

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