Ask Jesse Episode 17: Focus on Foreign Policy

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Show Notes by Victoria Lynn Hall

Social media has been even more brutal than usual lately. There is a lot of division among people who are still loosely united by former affiliations or things outside of politics. I read a complaint by a friend of a friend about her neighbor the other day that was something to the effect of:

He was a Bernie supporter and now says he’s going to vote for Trump. I don’t understand it. It’s insane!

It occurred to me in that moment how much we are judging and dismissing each other, instead of listening or learning from each other. I’m guilty of it too, I know, so I’ve been trying to become more aware of when I use phrases like: I don’t understand! It’s Insane! or, more likely in my case, WTF? and see them as signals that I have something to learn rather than as excuses to judge or dismiss.

After talking with Jesse today I realized I had done this with issues related to foreign policy. I remember specifically telling people early in my involvement with supporting candidates on social media how that wasn’t my strength because I was for peace and just didn’t understand war.

I slowly realized I couldn’t be for peace if I didn’t understand war but it was frustrating because US foreign policy just didn’t make sense to me, Why are we still in Afghanistan again? I don’t understand. It’s Insane! WTF?

Of course it was Jesse that helped me understand these things better, first by answering my questions and pointing me to resources so I could make my own conclusions and then through listening to his podcasts on Patreon.

I was shocked and disturbed by what I learned because in many ways all war and violence and the reasons for it are insane but I did start to comprehend the facts of what has been happening between us and other countries in recent history and it has certainly strengthened my stand for peace. What’s more is it has formed the basis of my understanding of all other issues and I can see how a lack of foreign policy knowledge holds others back in fully grasping the concept of The United States as an empire.

So in case you missed it or just feel overwhelmed by all that we talked about in this episode I will share with you here Jesse’s answer when I asked him: What does every American need to know about foreign policy?

That it’s economic policy.

In other words, follow the money and then it will all start to make the worst kind of sense.

Jesse mentioned the following reliable resources in this episode:

The Grayzone

Abby Martin – Empire Files

Caitlin Johnstone

He also recommends this video from The Michael Brooks Show

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Jesse Crall

A Los Angeles native, Jesse Crall graduated from UCLA’s English Department before working as a copywriter, script reader and project manager for an engineering firm.

A self taught artist and creative entrepreneur, Victoria Lynn Hall lives in the Kansas City area with 4 spoiled cats. She believes in art and the magic of kindness.

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