Lorie and Payton: Family First

By Lorie Michaels

“When you are judging a brother, you are wrong, even if you are right.”

Marianne Williamson

The conversation I’m sharing below is with my niece, Payton.  We live in very different areas of the US.  She’s in Oklahoma, I’m in California.  Payton has three lovely girls and supports Trump.  I was national volunteer coordinator for the Marianne Williamson for President Campaign.  Outwardly, we are very different when it comes to politics.  Under the surface, however, we really want a lot of the same things.  So how do family members navigate the tricky dialogue and landmines that seem to be so destructive and divisive now? We wanted to share how we do it.

Lorie and Payton

I’m Lorie Michaels. I am an activist, healer, (very fast) walker, beach & outdoor fanatic, and a lover.  I smile and say hello to strangers.  I love hugs.  I’m also an Army veteran. I’m passionate about learning and promoting amazing people and ideas.


My name is Payton. I’m a wife to a man who puts up with way more than he should and a Momma to three little girls who have my entire heart. I volunteer and work at my kiddos school. I love my family and friends, and I would do anything for the people I love.

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