An Introduction

By Michael Harrington

I have spent most of my time, personally and professionally, with young people over the past fifty years. My advocacy is fierce and studied and connected.

And this is what I find much the same thing over each decade:

This generation is far more aware of the science behind most anything than their elders are, and they know what it means.

Yet what most young people lack is what I attribute to as an absence of deep listening on the part of adults.

Accordingly, many youth lack:

  • Sound Core principles of radical loving in chaotic times
  • Embracing fear and engaging curiosity
  • Ability of rooting down and showing up

Additionally, they may have a deficiency in accepting their brokenness or finding joy in each other.

As a result it is often difficult for them to “chart their way forward with integrity and love in an increasingly hostile world” as National interfaith leader Rev Amanda Henderson would say.

My intention for the Amplifire Project is to:

  • Listen with new ears and open minds and forgiving hearts to the story of this Twenty First Century Generation of change – makers
  • Amplify their voices to make way the Advent of their Century
  • Fortify them with the fire of our pre-millennial dedication to Justice and Peace
  • Resolutely seek the Resources necessary for their Story to be actualized

The Amplifire Project will be a gathering place for advocates, academics, activists and writers, and the elders whose time is at hand to set fire to past models and methods and shine accumulative wisdom on the path of the Generations of the Twenty First Century.

The Amplifire Project is the open platform for the heart of this generation to bleed and rejoice and teach and lead.

These pages and subsequent narratives are the building blocks of this ambitious project. We will transform and adjust as we learn from the voices yet heard. Few things matter more to me than my children and their children’s children’s future.

And all children are my children.

Let the Amplifire begin.

Peace and Blessings,

Michael Harrington
Animating Director

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